People usually need to mirror the content of mobile devices (iPone, iPad, Android, etc.) in some use cases, like presenting demo, recording demo video, doing development, etc.

For iOS, there are so many good ways to help mirror content, such as hardware devices (like Apple TV) or software (like AirServer, Reflector 2, Mac OSX 10.10 and above). However, for Android, there is not many easy way to help do that except the external device “Chromecast“.

Now we have Vysor, which can help do Android mirroring in the “software” way.


Vysor is a Chrome app which usually means it can be used with all OSes which can run Chrome.

A corresponding Android app will be also installed automatically when connecting to the Android devices.

Also, Vysor is NOT just to do the mirroring, but also to provide full control on the mirrored window of the Android on the desktop.

Vysor App Control

Once you connected the Android device, you can also choose to share it via Internet by using “Vysor Share”.

Vysor Share

Directly from the desktop, you can also do the following control on the device:

  • Take screenshot
  • Change orientation
  • Volume up and down

How to Set Up

Before setting it up, you need to make sure:

Open the Chrome extension – Vysor.

Vysor Chrome app

Connect your Android device to the Desktop through USB cable and click “Find Devices” to find available devices.

Connect to the Device

Once found, Vysor will list the available devices. Pick one and proceed.

Select USB Device

First Run

If it is for the first run, the device will ask for permission to allow USB debugging. Please tap “OK” to proceed.

USB Debugging Permission

Once proceeded on the device, Vysor will start to install a “Vysor” Android app on the device. It should take a while to finish the installation.

Once done, it shows the following app screen to indicate the connection is ready.

Vysor connected on Device

And also, you can see a mirrored window on Desktop.
Vysor connected on Desktop

Once “OK”, you are OK to see the mirrored device screen as well as control it.

Vysor Mirrored Screen

Add More Devices

You can connect to more devices from the Vysor Chrome app.

Vysor Add More Devices

Once you have more devices, you can easily switch between them.

Vysor Android App

The Vysor Android app is a normal Android app running on the device. You can open it separately to see some instrucitons.

Vysor Android App -1
Vysor Android App -1


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