In the latest version of Xcode, its shipping CLI (Command-Line Tool) – xcodebuild should be powerful enough for us to deal with some normal tasks without any interaction with Xcode UI itself. However, as always, Apple’s “good” documentation actually kills its broad using. In this post, we are discussing the usage of -destination option, which […]

Prior to iOS 8, Apple is disallowing “dynamic” library / framework in iOS for other developers. Comparing to the normal “static” library, iOS developers are more willing to distribute their libraries as “frameworks“. However, Xcode does not contain the functionality to create “static iOS framework“. Then things get confused here – since Xcode supports building […]

How to Manually Symbolicate an iOS Crash Log Updated with Xcode 6 (2015-02-19) The command “symbolicatecrash” (included in Xcode) is used to symbolicare the iOS crash log. Here is the calling structure of symbolicatecrash command: symbolicatecrash crash_log dSYM_file [> output.file] The following way is also working: symbolicatecrash -o output_file crash_log dSYM_file Both of the commands […]