During the previous adventures, the project Ionic Boilerplate has been re-organized for a better development engagement, such as: The Modularize AngularJS code structure enables you to freely define your app functionality and add modules if needed. Based on that, the adding Browerify gulp plugin helps bundle the code into one single JS package so that […]

When doing testing during the development process, there are three main types of test that we need to ensure. Unit Tests – Write small test cases to test small pieces of code without external dependencies. Integration Tests – After Unit Tests done to each individual module, this type of test is to test the integration […]

In version ECMAScript 5 of javascript, Browserify/CommonJS helps bring the module concept to Javascript language as well as browser support. Normally, when doing Browerify, it starts from an entry file and creates bundles following the calling path of require(), which also includes the external libraries, such as AngularJS, ReactJS, etc. And every time when we […]

In the current Ionic Boilerplate folder, it has one big gulpfile.js to contain all Gulp tasks. And it will continue to grow when we adding new tasks for testing, building, deployment, etc. In order to make the management easier, we are going to separate this single file into a file structure, so that: Each single […]

In the current code structure of Ionic Starter Project, it has one controller file and one service file under www/js/ folder. During the actual development practice, it is not a good way to keep all controllers and services just in those two files. Instead, the code will be spotted into separate files based on functionality. […]

Nowadays, providing “Live Editing” for development is a BIG HIT to every development platform or framework. Ionic framework also provide powerful tools to help doing live editing in several levels of the development process, including: Browser Testing – by ionic serve. Emulator Testing – by ionic emulate Device Testing – by ionic run. And here […]

Updated Date: 2015-02-20 Coming into 2015, the next generation of Javascript – ES6 (ECMAScript 6th Edition) should not still sound like something from the future. Actually, according to Allen Wirfs-Brock (the editor of the ECMAScript 6 specification), ES6 has been scheduled for release in mid 2015. Using ES6 is the coming trend. The next major […]

Boilerplate: An Empty Javascript Project Structure with Gulp+Traceur+Karma This post describes what I learned about setting up a typical Javascript application in nowadays, including project structure, tools, dependency management, test automation. Different people would have different preferences. Hopefully my experience can inspire others. 1. Purpose of Using Boilerplate One of the key benefits of this […]