Shiny (brought by RStudio) is a powerful web framework for building an interactive web applications using R. It is a perfect tool designed for statisticians who do not have any web programming experience. R is a free software programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics. As the time for “Big Data” is […]

When doing the configuration of LAMP on AWS EC2, data persistence issues are unnecessary annoyance that we’d all love to avoid, as a disappearing database is no fun for anyone. In other words, using an EBS (Elastic Block Store) volume to house and serve your database would be a more preferable way. Plus, using an […]

If you are using Amazon EC2, and probably you have encountered the following situation: ssh: connect to host [ip address] port 22: Connection refused Normally, you would have nothing to do about it, since “having SSH connection” is your only way to get touch with the Amazon EC2 instance and its running system. So, the […]