Nowadays, providing “Live Editing” for development is a BIG HIT to every development platform or framework. Ionic framework also provide powerful tools to help doing live editing in several levels of the development process, including:

  • Browser Testing – by ionic serve.
  • Emulator Testing – by ionic emulate
  • Device Testing – by ionic run.

And here is how to use them. After this, we will also introduce some other tools that Ionic provides to help your development life even easier, like Ionic Upload and Ionic View.

Current Ionic CLI version: 1.7.13.

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On Mac OSX, Homebrew is a very good tool to help install and mange CLI tools, like Git, nodeJS and NPM.

However, if you installed NodeJS and NOM through the nomral command brew install node, you may see the following error when using npm update npm -g to update the NPM.

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updated: 2016-01-21

Almost every Git Repo service (like Github, Bitbucket, GitLab, etc. ) supports SSH while doing git commands through CLI. Besides security, another biggest benefit of using SSH is to save the time for username and password.

However, if your machine is not set up correctly, you may encounter this issue.

Git SSH Error

Here is how to do a “easy-fix”.

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As a hybrid mobile development framework that links Apache Cordova and AngularJS together, Ionic framework is consistently gaining attraction from the community. On top of AngularJS, Ionic provides a big set of custom components (like list, forms, action elements, tabs, grid, etc.). Besides the core framework, Ionic also provides a lot of services that help developers get faster during the development, such as “Quick Start“, “Ionic Push“, “Ionic Deploy“, “Ionic Analytics“, “Ionic Package“, “Ionic View“, and “Ionic Creator“, etc.

Check here to get a full taste of all available components.

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The latest Mac OSX El Capitan looks great! However, one of the Annoy things is since it updates all certificate root, it always gets problem in accessing internet, even for Apple’s own service, like, iTunes, etc.

The root cause of this is the new certificate root that El Capitan ships do not match all the current certificate roots. If you check the SSL error in Chrome, you can probably see this:

chrome untrusted certificate

To fix it, you need to import the “old” certificate root which is missing here.

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People usually need to mirror the content of mobile devices (iPone, iPad, Android, etc.) in some use cases, like presenting demo, recording demo video, doing development, etc.

For iOS, there are so many good ways to help mirror content, such as hardware devices (like Apple TV) or software (like AirServer, Reflector 2, Mac OSX 10.10 and above). However, for Android, there is not many easy way to help do that except the external device “Chromecast“.

Now we have Vysor, which can help do Android mirroring in the “software” way.

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If you have upgraded your Mac to “EL Capitan“, you will probably encounter this issue when you trying to open Trello in Chrome.

Your browser was unable to load all of Trello’s resources. They may have been blocked by your firewall, proxy or browser configuration.

Press Ctrl+F5 or Ctrl+Shift+R to have your browser try again.

Apparently, it is “NOT” the firewall issue as it describes. In fact, it is about the SSL certificate issue – Chrome cannot access to Trello CDN – specifically, opening the link of If you open the test link ( in Chrome, you will the SSL warning.

Check this link for detail – Trello’s CDN.

To fix it, open this link in Safari and then “Trust” the SSL of this link. Once done, go back to Chrome and you should be OK to open Trello now.