Today (12/3/2014), Google is announcing an improved version of CAPTCHA (called NoCAPTCHA reCAPTCHA) , aiming to make “real human users” easier to prove themselves human.


I was aware of that it would be out quit soon since I actually experienced it by accident when I got to No-IP to renew my free hostname. My first impression is – Wow, amazing, I finally do not need to recognize that distorted text to prove I’m human.

For years, that old reCAPTCHA selection actually keeps annoying “human” users with those distorted texts although it does help protect websites from spam and abuse.

reCaptcha - distorted text

The new version simplifies this recognition process into just one-click – checking the box to tell the system “if you are a bot or not” and you are good to go!! Behind this simple action from user, a “risk analysis engine” is actually used to verify if you are “truly” not a bot. If this sophisticated process cannot confidently ensure you are human, it will continue to provide the traditional way.

NoCaptcha-reCaptcha shows distorted text

Optionally, the new solution also provide some new verification methods to make it more friendly, such as it asks you to select “similar images” to a given image.

NoCaptcha-reCaptcha show images to pick

Here is the introduction video on Youtube.

Introducing the no CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA

It would be hard to say if the new version actually brings more advantages over the old version (see this post for reference), it does provide a much better user experience to actual human users. It does the job and nice to use!

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