As we know, iOS app needs to pass a maual review process of Apple before it is available to Apple App Store. It is a painful process – becuase of such many uncertainties.

However, it could be even more painful if we just find an “exaccpetable” bug in your recently approved app, or you do want the app to be reviewed by certain date since you will have a “big” event at that date with the new app.

The “Expedited App Review” provided by Apple can actually help you out for these scenarios.

Based on the documentation (, if you want to do an urgent bug-fix in the app on Apple App Store, or to release app for certain event, you are illegiable to requet an Expedited App Review.

Here is how.

  • Login into iTunes Connect.
  • Find “Contact US” at the bottom of the page and go into that page.
  • Select ‘App Review’ and ‘Request Expedited Review’ in the first two dropdown.
  • Click on the link “Request an Expedited App Review” to fill out the request form.
  • Upload the new version to put your app under the status of “Waiting for Review”.

Usually, Expedited App Review process may take about 48 hours to be finished.

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