Perfectly, Evernote is good for everyone’s daily use. However, I would say it may not be good for the developers. Why? It does not support markdown!!

Then, what should the “Evernote” look like to developers? And here are my “feature Wishlist”:

  • Support markdown!!!! That is a 5-star request!
  • Automatic code syntax highlighting !!! Also a 5-star request!
  • Syncing
  • Categories
  • Tags, required for any modern app.
  • Full-text search
  • Sharing? Would be nice to have.
  • etc.

I have tried many options even bought some code snippets apps, but none of them actually fit into this Wishlist until I meet Quiver.

And of course, it is a Mac app.

After a try by myself, I would say, Quiver is a perfect tool for developers to manage all the clips related to their development lives.

Quiver UI

Here some highlights about its great features:

  • It uses “cell” to support different text clips, like markdown (yeah!), code (yeah!), normal text (not plain, rich text), and latex. And you can mix different cells together!!
    • In Markdown cel, it supports almost every popular feature that a markdown editor should have, which is good enough for markdown writing (I’m using it to write this post!!).
      • It supports Custom CSS formatting.
    • In Code cell, it support code syntax highlighting for over 120 languages.
    • In Latex cell, it’s easy to include beautifully typeset mathematical equations.
      • It supports live preview.
    • In Text cell, image insertion supports drag & drop.
  • Instant Full-Text Search
  • Tags
  • Presentation Mode – a full-screen presentation mode.
  • Cloud Syncing
    • Sync all your notes across multiple computers via Dropbox, iCloud Drive, Google Drive, or any other file-based cloud services.
  • Team Collaboration
    • Based on cloud service, you can easily share notebook with others.

Checkout Quiver on Mac App Store or their website for a trial.


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