Nowadays, providing “Live Editing” for development is a BIG HIT to every development platform or framework. Ionic framework also provide powerful tools to help doing live editing in several levels of the development process, including: Browser Testing – by ionic serve. Emulator Testing – by ionic emulate Device Testing – by ionic run. And here […]

updated: 2016-01-21 Almost every Git Repo service (like Github, Bitbucket, GitLab, etc. ) supports SSH while doing git commands through CLI. Besides security, another biggest benefit of using SSH is to save the time for username and password. However, if your machine is not set up correctly, you may encounter this issue. Here is how […]

As a hybrid mobile development framework that links Apache Cordova and AngularJS together, Ionic framework is consistently gaining attraction from the community. On top of AngularJS, Ionic provides a big set of custom components (like list, forms, action elements, tabs, grid, etc.). Besides the core framework, Ionic also provides a lot of services that help […]